Creating GREENER Homes


External Wall Insulation is one of the most effective ways of improving a building’s Energy Performance Certificate rating. An application that is applied to the external walls of properties (typically solid) it significantly improves a building’s thermal performance of even those considered to be hard to heat, by slowing down the rate at which heat is lost through the walls.

The application can also dramatically enhance your property’s appearance.

At PlasterCraft we have vast experience in installing this application onto a variety of property types.

Please also get in touch regarding any funding and grants which may be available.


Key Benefits

 Saves MoneySave around £500 per year on your energy bills

                              and protects against spiralling energy prices  

 Improved EPC Rating and Reduces Your Carbon Footprint Save around 1.9 tonnes of CO2 per year 

 Improve AppearanceA range of finishes to choose from to

                                          significantly improve the look of your home

 Warmer Home Keeps homes warmer for longer - Fills gaps

                                and cracks to reduce draughts

 Less Noise Reduces sound transmission

 Requires Little Maitenance

 Can Add Value To A Building Attractive to property buyers